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Bouchard’s is one of our favourite spots particularly for breakfast.  Acknowledged as one of Perth’s best restaurants, it provides breakfasts, lunch and dinner.  As a breakfast place, after a long walk from our home through Kings Park, there is always water readily available and a cuddle so you can’t better.  The food and coffee, in particular their Spanish Omlette (so I am told) is also excellent.  I also get the benefit of the guests coming and going from the hotel so there are plenty of pats.  Even the postman knows me we are there so often.

While we occasionally come for lunch and dinner, I only go when I know when it isn’t going to be busy which means I haven’t been going lately as it is a very popular spot.  Located at the city end of Mount Street just over the bridge from the city.  Lovely views and the occasional dog to catch up with.  Bruno, the building owners dog and I get a bit territorial from time to time but I have the upper hand as the older dog.


You can see why I have the advantage over Bruno when I control the stairs

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