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Located on Cottesloe Beach adjacent the Ocean Beach Hotel, OBH to the locals, Barchetta is a very dog friendly place.  Water is always available.  My Saturday walk is from my mate Errol’s house in Swanbourne, where we get to walk the sandhills south of Swanbourne Barracks and down onto the Cottesloe dog beach which is a great spot throughout the year.  Good coffee and a good breakfast and lots of friends around. 

Errol with his mum and me at Barchetta
and with Hobson and Phil my new mates

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On driving back from the eastern states we decided after some advice in Norseman, to drive directly to Haydn, rather than going north the Coolgardie – Southern Cross way.  It is a surprisingly good 300 k of dirt road and it saves over 100k and a couple of hours driving time.  We stopped for morning tea and to have a look around at McDermit Rock which is about half way along that road.  1 paw vote as there were plenty of things to chase around the rock – far too quick for me.

McDermit Rock

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Shown how to get there by Bruce from the Bremmer Bay Beaches Resort and Caravan Park.  In between the abalone farming sheds to a little car park.  Dirt road – don’t get tempted to drive onto the beach as the sand was soft and Bruce told us of tales of people who had lost their cars along there.  Great spot for a run though.

One of the Bremmer Bay back beaches

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mmmm - are there any fish down there?


This is our local walk.  In the morning it is a long walk and in the evening I like to go fishing in the shallows near the yacht club.  From the boat launching ramp at the end of Princess Road pass the yacht clubs to past Tawarri Lodge, it is a bit over 2 kms of parks and beaches.  Lots of dogs, no leashes required, poo bags and bins available at plenty of places including all the car parks.  A great location.  While it doesn’t have water bowls, there are plenty of taps.  2 Paw Votes 

Nedlands foreshore - playing with Gemma and Tyler when they were visiting from SA

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