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Located just a short walk from home in Hampden Road Nedlands WA, this has recently been renovated and was previously known as Six Clicks.  A good size water bowl always available and the girls really like me there.  Excellent coffee and great for breakfast and lunch and soon to be open for dinner in a wine bar bistro style.  These photos are the day that Stormie Mills did a painting on the wall which was one of the cafes finishing touches. 

Stormie at work
Giving Stormie a hand
The Entrance

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An Italian restaurant at the north end of Rokeby Road in Subiaco WA, serving excellent pizzas and other italian fare.  They made me welcome and even brough me water before mum and dad and without even asking.  It is hard to find places to go to at night but this was good.  As it is near the train station there was lots of traffic so had lots of people stop for a pat.  It is a full-time job getting cuddled, patted and rubbed. 


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Located on Cottesloe Beach adjacent the Ocean Beach Hotel, OBH to the locals, Barchetta is a very dog friendly place.  Water is always available.  My Saturday walk is from my mate Errol’s house in Swanbourne, where we get to walk the sandhills south of Swanbourne Barracks and down onto the Cottesloe dog beach which is a great spot throughout the year.  Good coffee and a good breakfast and lots of friends around. 

Errol with his mum and me at Barchetta
and with Hobson and Phil my new mates

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Bouchard’s is one of our favourite spots particularly for breakfast.  Acknowledged as one of Perth’s best restaurants, it provides breakfasts, lunch and dinner.  As a breakfast place, after a long walk from our home through Kings Park, there is always water readily available and a cuddle so you can’t better.  The food and coffee, in particular their Spanish Omlette (so I am told) is also excellent.  I also get the benefit of the guests coming and going from the hotel so there are plenty of pats.  Even the postman knows me we are there so often.

While we occasionally come for lunch and dinner, I only go when I know when it isn’t going to be busy which means I haven’t been going lately as it is a very popular spot.  Located at the city end of Mount Street just over the bridge from the city.  Lovely views and the occasional dog to catch up with.  Bruno, the building owners dog and I get a bit territorial from time to time but I have the upper hand as the older dog.


You can see why I have the advantage over Bruno when I control the stairs

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On driving back from the eastern states we decided after some advice in Norseman, to drive directly to Haydn, rather than going north the Coolgardie – Southern Cross way.  It is a surprisingly good 300 k of dirt road and it saves over 100k and a couple of hours driving time.  We stopped for morning tea and to have a look around at McDermit Rock which is about half way along that road.  1 paw vote as there were plenty of things to chase around the rock – far too quick for me.

McDermit Rock

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Shown how to get there by Bruce from the Bremmer Bay Beaches Resort and Caravan Park.  In between the abalone farming sheds to a little car park.  Dirt road – don’t get tempted to drive onto the beach as the sand was soft and Bruce told us of tales of people who had lost their cars along there.  Great spot for a run though.

One of the Bremmer Bay back beaches

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A coffee cart on the foreshore at Tayler Jetty in Esperance serving a really good coffee, smoothies and some light food.  Great spot as you can just enjoy the lawns between the car park and the dog beach.

Coffee Cat - Esperance

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