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Just for a bit of cultural stuff.  Located on the foreshore where Western and Eastern Drive join.  Dad’s friend Mark Stoner is the artist responsible for this park and also the one out the front of the football oval Kardinia Park.  The skate boarding was fun to watch and it seems to be a good community living space.

Just checking out the cultural side of Geelong

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A great beach with some amazing homes overlooking it.  We stayed at a really good B+B.  There may have been some water at the surf club but we were there during winter so there was no one there.

Love a good chase. I am known for being a Flat Coated Chaser as distinct from being a Flat Coated Retriever.

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This great park located on the corner of Pickles and Richardson Street is an excellent morning and evening get together time for so many different types of dogs.  Everyone is getting along so well and all the parents have got to know each other as well.  Quite a community location. 2 Paw Votes.  

Getting to know each other dogs I met in Gasworks Art Park


Some of the dogs I met were strange

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