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This is one of the more idyllic spots in Australia.  This cafe has a deck looking North West so it great sunsets.  A good walk in the shallows with a bit of fishing on the way.  The first time I came, there was a tap with hose on the lawn above the beach which was great so I could get a wash down.  I would be good that where there are showers that the council also provides a short hose to wash us down.

Mocean - Streaky Bay

The last time I was there we had to use a hose at the yacht club about 200 meters further down the street.  The owners of the restaurant let me come up on the deck so I can sit at the table which we all like.  So many people come and give me pats that it is obvious that people enjoy having me up there.  The food is fresh predominantly local produce.  The wine list has expanded over the few times we have been there.  They bring me water and with the fact that they like me there this is a 4 paw vote.  Well worth the detour from any east west road trip.  We believe that the hotel also does a good meal though as I am unable to join them we haven’t eaten there.


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This cafe run by the very personable Joe, is located right on the beach at Henley.  Whether people are in their bathers or cycling gear or on the way to the office, Joe welcomes everyone.  Wanted to give me a treat but I am not allowed.   Very generous breakfast and excellent coffee.   Plenty of water and made very welcome.

Joe at Joe's Cafe

Gemma and me with Gemmas dad

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