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This is an example of a council doing the right thing.  These water bowls were in quite a few locations around Teneriffe where we were staying.  They could well be in other places around Brisbane but we saw these in Teneriffe.  In the area there are walks along the timber walkways along the river and dedicated dog parks with tables and chairs at the end of Lamington Street.  Plenty of water, poo bags and bins.

Brisbane City Council Water Bowls under taps. They tip so you can clean them out.

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Noosa has to be one of the more unfriendly places in Australia for dogs.  You can’t have your dog within 5 meters of an eating area which technically means you can’t walk down Hastings Street.  There are markets on the football field on a Sunday which are excellent but they are the only markets that I have been to in Australia at this stage that don’t allow dogs in.  Dogs have to be tied up outside! 

This photo was taken in the park adjacent Ricky’s off Quanby Terrace.  I had to sit 5 meters away from where they were eating.  This little girl fell in love with me and asked if she could take me for a walk.  I was brought up with girls of that age and enjoy playing at their pace.

0 Paw votes for Noosa as a town but have to give Ricky’s 2 Paw Votes for at least having the luck of an adjacent park that allows a dog (to be tied up).  Hence the park also gets 1 Paw vote for at least allowing me to be there.  In speaking to one high-profile Noosa restaurateur, he can’t believe the council and invited me in to sit on the couch.  Excellent restaurant but for fear of the council can’t publicly allocate 4 Paw votes for a restaurant that can’t be named.


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One of my very favourite places in Australia, unlike Noosa that gets a 0 Paw vote as one of the more dog unfriendly places in Australia.  The north end of Sunshine each all the way up to the National Park is a great walk with two creeks to play in on the way.   Accesible from the carpark on Seaview Terrace, there are showers and fresh water in the carpark, a short walk from the beach.  This is a 3 Paw Vote beach.

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