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This annual event, which has been running for 10 years,  is held to raise money for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation (www.humpty.com.au),  raising money for children’s hospitals across Australia and Timor.  It is held on Awaba Street in Balmoral NSW and happens to be the street in which Bundy lives.  This year it was on the 30th May .  We registered and Bundy and I, with Carol and Phillip competed.  Mind you we had already had a 90 minute walk and a big play on the beach so we were well warmed up.   There are 20 events starting at 9am and we competed in the Pet event.  With hundreds of dogs at the start it was quite an occassion!

Carol Bundy Phillip and me – the Balmoral Burn

Bundy put on a sprint just before the finish line and just beat me.  I will post our times when they get published.

The Balmoral Burn with hundreds of dogs

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Bacino Kiosk - North end of the beach

This is a great beach though very expensive to park the car at.  We normally walk to it from my aunt and uncle’s place.  It is also a bit mixed as to the ruling in the adjacent park as to dogs.  We also can’t walk on the path around the headland to the zoo as it is National Park which is a shame as it is a great walk (according to mum).  To the North is a great very friendly little hole in the wale coffee shop called Bacino Kiosk.  No water available on the beach or park but there are taps.  Water is available at the kiosk.  1 Paw Vote.

Bundy and me in the park

Chowder Bay beach

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My mate Bundy also checking out the yachts at CYC

Rushcutters Bay – NSW

This is a fantastic place to catch up with lots of other dogs.  Well located near the water overlooking the Cruising Yacht Club, a big park where there is lots of people picnicking and dogs playing.  When I was there were some water bowls under taps.  2 Paw Votes

Just out for a stroll - Rushcutters Bay

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The north end of Palm Beach on the Pittwater side adjacent the golf course is great.  Unlike the mudflats a few K south, this is a clean calm beach.  At the north end we can have a break for breakfast or lunch at the Boathouse

I also had a great time here playing with my cousin Bundy who is from Sydney.

With water available at teh Beach House, this beach gets the maximum of 3 Paw Votes.

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A great beach for a great run and fun – just loved chasing the many flat stones that were available for throwing on the beach.  Good showers in the car parks off Acorn Street. 

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From an ocean beaches perspective this is not good for dogs which is a shame as they are empty at the North end.  On the Pittwater side along Barrenjoey Road it is a different story. 

The fishing on the mudflats when the tide is coming in is so much fun.  Shallow and the fish are right there on the surface and I can chase them.  It is a long drive to the official dog park which is OK as dog parks go but these beaches are far more fun.

In this photo you can even see the fish just in front of my paws.

While it can only get 2 Paw votes the fun I had chasing fish warranted 4 paws.

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