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Set in the sand dunes at North Palm Beach half way between the main beach and Pittwater.  A secluded spot with good parking.  We rang to see if it was alright for me to come and they were very friendly.  They arranged a table where I could sit with mum and dad.  They brought out water and they certainly fawned over me.  It was lovely to be able to be at the table and be on the lawn at the same time.  They really enjoyed the service and the food.


The Dunes at Palm Beach - excellent in every way

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We have always known this cafe as 111 but apparently also known as Espressohead.  A great coffee, all day breakfast and lunch place at 111 Johnson Street in Byron Bay.  Always water for me and I am always made very welcome.  We have been there more than ten times on various trips and I always get a bit of a scratch behind the ears or a cuddle.  While the main beaches at Byron Bay aren’t dog friendly, Suffolk Park makes up for it.  I like this place.  When driving to or from Brisbane or Sunshine Coast, we always go out of our way to drop in.

Cafe 111 on Johnson Street in Byron Bay. I fit right in with my dreadies.

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This is great for just a coffee, breakfast and lunch.  Good food and a wonderful setting.  There is a great area out the front but more importantly they allow dogs on the deck over the water.  Plenty of drinking water available and I could duck off for a swim or a bit of fishing whenever I liked.  Very very pleasant.  We were there in October before some renovations and the weather was perfect.


Out the front of the Boathouse with mum

Just going for a wander

and with the beach so near to The Boathouse (in background) can always head off for a run

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A great little kiosk. Really dog friendly, always water and occasionally a few treats available as well.  (Depending on who is on)  Take care when walking in the naval area north of here as there are Park Wardens who will more often than not just warn you if leashes aren’t on.  Mum and dad like the coffee (and they are really fussy), the toasted banana bread and the fact that papers are always available.  They always say hello to me and some of them give me a cuddle even though I only visiting Sydney once or twice a year.  As cafes go it doesn’t come much better as I have always had a good run and swim beforehand.  4 Paws. http://www.bacinobar.com/ChowderBay.shtml  

Bacino Kiosk Chowder Bay


I am just so exhausted after that play on the beach

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Universal - Darlinghurst

This restaurant in Darlinghurst is one of Mum and Dads favourite restaurants.  Chef Christine Manfield is a brilliant innovative chef and as luck would have it they have an adjacent piazza where I could sit beside the table out the front.  I was delighted when the sommelier brought me water.  While they didn’t fawn over me, they did make me feel welcome.  Excellent restaurant getting 3 Paw Votes.

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